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uPrism will showcase video conference & collaboration solution at 'Connect.W 2016' which runs from 27th to 28th of September, Songdo ConvensiA, Incheon, South Korea.

uPrism established in 2006 is a R&D company developing video conference & collaboration solution. uPrism have leading-edge technology of multimedia collaboration solution, MCU, UX/UI know-how and open architecture platform.

uPrism solution product line is comprised of CURIX, seeMon, SmileCC. Video conferencing solution CURIX is all-in-one video conference & collaboration solution with easy to use UI & UX provides most effective bandwidth management tool which allows seamless video conferencing from QCIF to FHD video quality for 50 and up video views.

Smart surveillance solution seeMon is a multipoint video sharing & conferencing solution which integrates with CCTV and voice call allows for security personnel to share emergency situations on-site in streaming video and converse in voice at the same time for effective emergency management.

Smart video contact center SmileCC is customized specifically for video call center / video consultation use. For omni-channel service, integrated with video ATM/KIOSK, Mobile devices, PC, CTI logic processed.

CURIX solution has many strengths which differentiates from the competitor. One of the outstanding uPrism's strength lies in localization and customization of CURIX video conferencing and collaboration solution. For example we have recently worked with Jazan University of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, customizing our solution for Virtual Class Room and allowing for customized auto setting for prayer mode, camera on/off, and recording during the session. With over 500+ API library and open architecture platform, uPrism system is flexible, robust and customer friendly.

Other strengths are 1. MCU technology with FHD 2. Network bandwidth management assuring QoS. 3. Annotation over video stream 4. Competitive Price and above all, impeccable customer references for over 10yrs.

Unlike other IT shows, Connect W offers an opportunity to meet major Telecommunication companies representing each country. It's a B2B matching event. uPrism expect to introduce their Video Conferencing & Collaboration solutions for VaaS (Video as a Service) Cloud service and possibly explore the service partnerships globally.

Many countries have shown interest and at this time, They are in the process of signing contracts with Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. They are also exploring opportunities in Brazil with a partner and hope to sign a contract with a customer within this year. They are also working with a global IT company in developing cloud based service for EC, Australia and New Zealand.

Building partnerships with major Telecommunication companies in each country and building a cloud based VaaS (Video as a Service) service for local markets. For building Smart Cities and Smart Workplace, Video Conferencing and Collaboration solution is one of the core services that must be implemented for effective collaboration between people, government, private enterprises.

As we all know, we must expand globally to survive. Especially SW companies like uPrism. It's unfortunate but honestly, SW companies are not compensated for its value in Korea market. They feel they have very competitive solutions and product line with major customer references which goes back 10yrs. They are ready to go global and as a testament to that fact they have Recently signed Partnership agreements Ericsson LG, Ryobi Systems and Cynergycare to launch services in EC, Japan and ASEAN. uPrism want to become a serious player in Video Conferencing and Collaboration market. At least top 10 within 5yrs.

Meanwhile, Connect. W is an inclusive One on One B2B Matching Platform to identify an optimal business needs of global telecom Operators around the world. Global ICT Partnership Program, including B2B meeting program for global telecom operators and ICT companies will be also opened at the same time.


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