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uPrism is a Korean company focusing on multimedia collaboration solution, such as video conferencing systems. Their products include CURIX, SmileCC, seeMon. uPrism has achieved good results in the overseas market. Chinese media representatives are invited to write special feature article about seeMon, the prevention of disaster solution.

The emphasis of the uPrism product have high quality but not expensive. It can also connect with hardware and software such as Cisco and Polycom. uPrism’s one of the strength is that it’s able to provide customers with personalized custom solutions. uPrism has focused on only multimedia collaboration solution, their products, CURIX, SmileCC, showcase 2016 WORLD IT SHOW. 

uPrism official said in an interview “We will keep Providing a comprehensive multimedia collaboration solution and participated in South Korea's largest IT exhibition ‘World IT Show’ held in COEX. uPrism will focus on multimedia collaboration global market” (AVING NEWS t: May 17, 2016) uPrism is developing different services, to expand the international market. And its products in the area of government, and education market has a wide range of applications. It is time that we have to find uPrism’s special solutions in World IT Show.

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