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81 [News] World IT Show : uPrism The Multimedia Collaboration Solution Expert 3928

AVING NEWS reports that South Korea's largest IT exhibition World IT Show 2016 is held in COEX on May 17. ‘’ is invited to this exhibition as representative of China's news media. This exhibition involved currently the most popular contents of the networking technology including IoT, AR/VR, big data and Cloud service. This time we cover a case of uPrism company joined the exhibition.


uPrism, the multimedia collaboration solutions company in South Korea, has video conferencing solution, smart video contact center and smart prevention of disasters system. Their products include CURIX, SmileCC, seeMon. uPrism is founded in 2006, its customers are both domestic and overseas markets. uPrism offers its solution in the field of enterprise, government, education.

In the interview with ‘’, the uPrism staff said they don’t afraid of competition with H/W video conference solution companies such as Cisco, Polycom and so on. Because uPrism has price competitiveness and competitive power on customized solutions for customer. In addition, Cisco and other products have heavy system and high prices. But uPrism can meet needs of their customer as low price compared to high quality.

For expanding the international market situation, the staff said that uPrism has already achieved good results in overseas markets. For example, United States, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. uPrism is widely used in smart video education, medical, financial services and other fields. The
multimedia collaboration solution’s market is growing. So uPrism keeps focusing multimedia synergy of collaborative solutions.

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