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82 [News] [Preview World IT Show 2016] Uprism will show its Video conference & Collaboration solution ’ CURIX ’ 5013

Multimedia collaboration solution Expert, Uprism will show a suitable  wireless system; ‘CURIX’ video conference solution, ‘SmileCC’ smart video contact center, ‘seeMon’ prevention of disasters solutions.
CURIX is an All-in-one video conference & collaboration solution with easy to use UI & UX provides most effective bandwidth management tool which allows seamless video conferencing from QCIF to FHD video quality for 50 and up video views.
Other solution, smileCC, Customized specifically for Video Call Center / Video consultaion use. For Omnichannel service; integrated with Video ATM/KIOSK, Mobile Devices, PC CTI Logic processed. The last one, seeMon, A multipoint Video Sharing & conferencing Solution which integrates with CCTV and Voice Call allows for security personnel to share emergency situations on-site in streaming video and converse in voice at the same time for effective emergency management.

It is the only one fixed mobile convergence video conference in Korea that can be connected to many kinds of multi-media devices, PC, mobile phone, codec/MCU, IP-PBX, IP CCTV. You can meet uPrism in COEX exhibition ’ BD124 ’ 

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