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50 [Press release] uPrism 2015 Strategy and planning workshops took place 4784
uprism was conducted over the past six days to 2 days and 1 night events, "2015 champion Yu prism strategy workshops' with the theme of" Growth, Unity "in Yangpyeong.

And report back to the point where lack FY14 performance, had time to discuss the FY15 adjusted business plan and direction. "Time for Unity" was simply avoided eating and drinking the workshop to seek unity through recreation and natural release time to promote the understanding and friendship between members. In addition, young workers reflects the characteristics that have a lot to bring "The second prism oil StarCraft tournament," an event to promote the competition and the fellowship of goodwill gained through a high response.

Mr.Cha representative "I think it 's because it achieves maximum performance since its inception in situations with poor last year, domestic and international economic groups allowed me to self undertaken over the bar from a difficult situation" and "to cherish and improve the welfare of employees with the company's development I will try, "he said.

uprism is planning to maintenance and operating personnel is increasing in size in 2014 is a good part of the business to further develop and expand the company stable state in 2015.

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