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100 (Best of WIS 2017) Video Communication & Collaboration Solution 3710
[BEST OF WIS 2017] uPrism, Introduced Solutions for 'Wired and Wireless Integrated Video Conference'
[ Young Hwa Lee 2017-06-13 ] 

Domestic Product Video Conference Solution specialized company uPrism (CEO Cha, Min Soo), selected as 'BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017 TOP 10' by participating the 'World It show 2017(Hereafter referred to as WIS 2017)' which runs from May 24th (Wed) to 27th (Sat) in A, B, and C Hall, COEX Seoul. The AVING NEWS selected, 'BEST OF WORLD IT SHOW 2017 TOP 10' is awarded by selecting remarkable companies and products among those companies that have attended the exhibition.

In this exhibition, through the demonstration of smart disaster response solution 'seeMon' and 'CURIX Cloud Video Conference', they have introduced the know-how of the video conference solution.

seeMon as a system for effective disaster scene response, it is consisted of smartphone application, PC control center program, and server. The user presence can be confirmed so that the inter-user calls can be easily made in the emergency situations, and by using the PUSH service, it supports a function to attend the call channer even at a later time.

The CURIX cloud has all the servers in the IDC and all the system configurations are redundant, also it supports functions such as, △Bandwidth Reduction △NIS Encryption △Sharing Specific Program △Mobile Document Registration △ Document Sharing and Handwriting △Data Storage Type Selection △ Remote Control. The service can be subscribed by SNS account (Naver, Google, and Facebook), and it is aiming integrated services like PC, Mobile (android, iOS support), browser based WebRTC, video conference dedicated equipment(codec).

CEO Cha, Min Soo said, "We have been steadily preparing to launch the domestic cloud service in line with the changes in the market environment, and along with our overseas leading partners, we are scheduled to open global services to countries like New Zealand, Australia and Italy sequentially".

Meanwhile, 'World IT Show 2017' will show the slogan of ICT, meaning Transform Everything' and also exhibit AI, IOT, autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, Big Data, etc. This year, this exhibition will offer various events including the Korea Multimedia Technology Awards Ceremony, ICT Foreign Big Buyer Invitation Export Conference, Globa ICT Partnership Program, 2017 SAFER KOREA 2017, K-ICT Future Talent Forum 2017 Opening and Exhibition/Recruitment Consultation, K-ICT Technology Business Festival Opening and Exhibition, 2017 Global ICT Prospect Conference, etc.

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