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The First Integrated Omnichannel Service via Smart Video Contact Center

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea
6 branches in Korea
SmileCC (Smart video contact center with PC, smartphone, video ATM & KIOSK)

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea would like  to introduce user-friendly consult solution for customers who want to use bank services easily and who have handicap. That's the why IBK introduce smart video contact center using smart phones, PC, video kiosk and video ATM. It can provide a lot of baking services for customers without visiting banking branch.

IBK paid attention to increasing the number of smart banking users. Although smartphone users increases steadily, mobile baking offered just simple services. IBK decided to introduce SmileCC for omnichannel connecting with Smartphone, PC, Video ATM & Kiosk as a result. 


Building smart video contact center, IBK, it offers the first integrated omnichannel service in Korea.

It different from other banks as the point of using video booth and video ATM.

Its executives and staff members expect this system to satisfy customer's needs and contribute in revenue growth for the bank.

IBK enhances their sales and marketing on omnichannel. Also, this video consult system provides easy access of hearing-impaired customers with sign language.

1.Call distribution logic
2.Counselor state management
3.Number of waiting customer      management
4.Record of counseling
5.Document sharing (MS-Officd, PDF etc)
6.Remote PC control
7.Desktop/Web/Whiteboard/VOD sharing

8.Annotation on all sharing targe

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